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NY Soccer Skills (NYSS) allows you to partner with the city’s best soccer coaches.

Organize sessions around your schedule at convenient locations across the 5 boroughs.

Our mission is to allow every aspiring soccer player, regardless of experience or age, every to maximize their full potential and fall in love with the world’s most popular game.

We offer individual & small group training, birthday parties, tryout preparation and advice for parents looking to better understand the NYC soccer landscape.

NYSS professional coaches strive to provide each player with specific information in order to accelerate their soccer development. Specialized training allow players to concentrate on key areas of their game that would be difficult to focus on in a large group setting.

Creating good technical habits ensures players have a solid base from which to work from. A failure to acquire the right skills will make it extremely difficult for a player to develop and can make or break a their future relationship with the game.

We believe that in order to maximize learning opportunities sessions should be challenging, engaging and fun! Soccer development isn’t an exact science; however we know that falling in love with soccer makes the journey that much more enjoyable.


1. Player Centered Approach


Every soccer player has their own unique personality and style of playing. NYSS coaches celebrate this rather than try to create "soccer clones". We identify positive attributes whilst identifying areas that need development, working towards creating well-balanced players. We meet each player where they are on their soccer journey. Using discovery learning, rather than giving players all the answers, our coaches will challenge players to work out answers for themselves. As soccer educators we passionately believe understanding the why is just as important as knowing the how. 

Each player will receive an initial written skill observation and analysis when they start working with a NYSS coach. The analysis will give objectives in order for players to take their game to the next level. In addition, players will be given skills that they can work on in their own time to accelerate progress.

2. Confidence Building

Like most things in life, soccer is very much about confidence. We will help players to build up their self belief so that they can begin to step outside their comfort zone and acquire new skills at a much faster rate. Our coaches will help players to learn how to be confident on the field. Being confident and having a positive mindset will set players up for success both on and off the soccer field.

3. Character Development

We're intentional about discussing and modeling key character traits: working hard, trying out & applying new skills, not giving up, teamwork, friendship, curiosity & consistency.

Developing in-built character traits will enable players to build a platform for success for their soccer and beyond.

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